• This says it ALL, best put ever couldn’t put it better myself

    When I have talked about people suffering from corona it’s not the decise I talk about it’s a fucking flue. It’s the consecvenses of the action the people in power are forcing cuz they are forcing us to loose jobs not go out spend all our money on food because we think it will disappear and no one knows when we allowed to do anything sgsin they treat us like fucking sheep’s. I’m sick off it I say fuck corona fuck the government fuck this bullshit you try to scare poor people with s big fucking fuck you to all involved in this fuck I’m so mad they have destroyed so much for me and for what for gyckjng bullshit,

  • My poetry THIS is called FAKE

    Smile inna yuh face, them a chat behind yuh back
    Gwan like them a sheep but them a wolf inna pack
    No make them build yuh weed with lizard tail and give yuh crack
    If walls could a talk to you trust me you would a shock
    Say them love you, don’t fall for that
    Man to man so unjust member that
    Bob Marley done did sing that all around the world
    Friends will sell you out fi two shillings and pearls

    Mama used to tell me friends not good for you girl
    But I know I would learn the hard way (bun a fake friend)
    Mama used to beg me stay away from them girls
    But I know I would face it anyway (a hypocrite dem)

    Backstabber could be sister or yuh brother
    You fuck fi see a who would a pull di trigger
    Live your life, everybody yah fi pree
    Watch your friends more than your enemy
    It no matter what they come and say
    They don’t wanna see you on your way
    They pull you back cause they want you stay
    Under the ground but a pray a day