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Im loosing it and what do u give a fuck for

I’m writing making videos raking photos and pay s lot of money having this website up running and for what. I get no comments no response, no one have give as much as a dollar while I pay 80 every 3 months, I mean why should j continue this I start yo loose the grip of it because no one fucking cares about me or what j do or say. I can just go and fucking die. And people can go fuck themselves I mean I did everything to get yo rent that apartment for obscene money still it was not good enough. J was denied renting s fucking apartment were you pay 3 month dosot and three months tdnt in advance. What the fuck they had yo loose. Fuck it all, and the doargmdng j can get j can’t afford it cost 14000dkk it’s like twice as what j get s month I don’t know what todo. It was in a totally different area then j thought also j don’t know where going on but 3020 seem to be fucking me hard in the ass. Can’t remember when I was this guvkjnb low, even asking them to pick me inside to be drug free, by choice I have never gone that before. And what about los Angeles I haven’t told John he will glil out and I will not be able to go I can just give up now with everything. I can’t take it any more I’m s bug guvkinb failure and nothing is making me happy nothing. I have loose my only light in the tunnel now I see no point if fighting yeah to get s place in s year if I’m lucky hahain s year u kudfinb me I’m dead before that. I need something now….. like now now now… but it will not happen and I’m dick if all this bullshit cya when it comes to it no one gives s fuck about Mr I don’t get help from anyone. So all love us fake, because of u truly live someone u help that person when it have it the worst, bug nothing happening for me. As usual. Why did I even expect anyone to give s fuckingfuck I can just live in the streets right. Yeah fuck heat and water and s bed, fuck tv and internet. I’m being sarcasticof u didn’t figure out. Have a nice fucking life.

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